CenterPointe Hospital of Columbia is a provider for most major insurance plans, including Medicare and Tricare, and is licensed as a Missouri Medicaid provider, up to and including age 20. Call for more information about a specific insurance plan: 855-623-7016 Toll Free or 573-615-2001

CenterPointe Hospital of Columbia Fee Schedule

Semi-Private Room – Acute $2,100.00
Group Therapy $525.00
Individual Therapy $200.00
Boarding $150.00
TMS Initial $600.00
TMS Subsequent $400.00
Physician Fees/Charges will be billed separately
Initial Hospital Care I $100.00
Initial Hospital Care II $179.00
Initial Hospital Care III $250.00
Subsequent Daily Charge I $85.00
Subsequent Daily Charge II $130.00
Subsequent Daily Charge III $150.00
Hospital Discharge I $135.00
Hospital Discharge II $175.00