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Celebrating Minority Mental Health Month: #DepthOfMyIdentity

Diversity of thought and representation is important in all we do. Even more so when we come to understand that there are many people whose lives and voices are not represented and their voices unheard.

For all individuals, our identities are formed not only by what we believe to be true, but also the views of others around us. In many ways, specific communities (oftentimes referred to as marginalized, people of color, minority) are seen as victims or broken. As a community, they must constantly work towards combating those stereotypes to maintain wellbeing. It is at the intersection of all these nuanced identities where one must constantly confront the biases and stereotypes used by others to define them.

This year, in observance of Minority Mental Health Month in July, we want to understand how these intersections and struggles impact the mental health of these communities.

We want to challenge those perceptions and highlight the depth of one’s identity beyond what is seen or what others believe to be true – and how many thrive despite the mental health challenges thrown their way.

To create the space for conversation around these issues, we ask you to share the depth of your identity and how it relates to your mental health journey.Join our 2019 Minority Mental Health Month campaign by showing us who you see.

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